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Our Mission

The Lisa DeNardo - Pete Polk Memorial Foundation provides financial support and advocacy for children and families in need.

Lisa M. DeNardo
Fostering Hope
Peter T. Polk
December 5, 1969-Decemeber 27, 2013
Standing strong together to build brighter futures for children & families in need.
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September 14, 1969- November 7, 2001


After becoming involved with a local, residential facility caring for foster children in 2017 and learning more about the trauma these children and others like them have experienced, two families decided to form a nonprofit organization in memory of their loved ones - Lisa DeNardo and Pete Polk. These two families cared enough for young people to start making real change for children and families experiencing foster care, poverty, and trauma in their communities. On March 15, 2019, the Lisa DeNardo - Pete Polk Memorial Foundation was officially started and recognized as a 501(c)3 public charity. Although the Foundation has grown, moving into our new offices in April 2021 in Plymouth, MI, and adding additional staff, the Mission remains unchanged - to provide financial support and advocacy to children and families in need. 

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